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Technology developed in partnership with the University of Technology
Sydney, with funding support from the Science and Industry Endowment Fund.

This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry,  Science, Energy and Resources through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

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HR managers can assess a job candidate or employee's ability to undertake a job role safely and effectively

HR at all companies

Labour hire & Recruitment companies

Labour Hire Companies wanting a faster way to pre-screen candidates

Rehab and return to work

Giving HR access to crucial data to assist rehab and return to work programs

Volunteer programs

Charities and not for profit organisations that want to ensure volunteers are screened for health risks prior to assigning roles

How can Quescreen be used in your organisation? 

How does Quescreen work?

Quescreen assesses an individual’s personal health and medical related information against the physical, environmental and psychological health risks of a specific occupation to identify any potential health concerns or risks.

Quescreen relies on honest, self-reported personal health and medical information to provide accurate results. Users of Quescreen must sign a declaration to state the information provided is truthful, accurate and not misleading before completing and submitting their Quescreen.

What does Quescreen do?

Online Health Checks

We all know annual health checks are essential. The same principle applies for your staff.

Quescreen enables you to uncover valuable insights into the real health and wellbeing of your workforce to manage risk and improve health. In this instance, results are provided to the employee only, and an overarching report (de-identified to ensure confidentiality) is provided to the business highlighting key findings.

Online Health Checks

Return to Work / Injury Management

Want to better track the health progress of injured workers?

Use Quescreen as a platform for employee focused recovery, encouraging further conversation between the injured worker and company. As a visual tool, Quescreen tracks an injured worker’s journey of recovery as part of their return to work, contributing to a sustainable and timely return to the workplace.

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Are you using old manual paper based health questionnaires? Quescreen will not only save you time but also provide better and more tailored feedback on the health of candidates and their suitability for the role advertised.

Quescreen asks a range of health and medical related questions specifically designed to assess risk against a defined job role. Quescreen then generates an immediate, easy to interpret risk profile detailing individual and occupation specific health risks, and an overall recommendation as to an individual’s suitability for the role.

Pre Employment Medicals

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Want to see Quescreen in action?

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Quescreen provides you with comprehensive results on your health and how your health status relates to your ability to perform your role at work.

Quescreen reports provide easy to interpret data and access to support. Quescreen is an asset to any business concerned with improving their team’s health and better managing risk in your workplace.

Job roles are easily customised and based on ANZSCO roles so that you can be confident the data and risk profiling is applicable to your workforce.

Quescreen has endless applications across all industries, Government, volunteer and the not-for-profit sector.

Quescreen is a highly effective, low-cost health risk screening tool which accurately assesses a candidate’s personal and health related information relevant to a defined job role.

Confidential Staff Records

(Team health records can be confidential and only shared with one staff member)

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