Quescreen gives you work health insights like never before...

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Technology developed in partnership with the University of Technology
Sydney, with funding support from the Science and Industry Endowment Fund.

This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry,  Science, Energy and Resources through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

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HR managers can assess a job candidate or employee's ability to undertake a job role safely and effectively

HR at all companies

Labour hire & Recruitment companies

Labour Hire Companies wanting a faster way to pre-screen candidates

Rehab and return to work

Giving HR access to crucial data to assist rehab and return to work programs

Volunteer programs

Charities and not for profit organisations that want to ensure volunteers are screened for health risks prior to assigning roles

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About Quescreen

Quescreen uniquely and simply reports on human health risk against a defined job role, through the collection of personal health and medical information.

A Quescreen Health Check provides your employees with comprehensive results, easy to interpret data and access to support. Quescreen is an asset to any business concerned with managing their risk profile. 

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Mental Health Insights

Physical Health Insights

Vaccination Status

Working From Home

Anonymous Work Health Insights Like Never Before…

Productivity Level

Gain feedback and management insights on:

Physical Health
Mental Health
Working from Home Health
Workers Health per Location
Workers Health per Department
Vaccination Status
Potential Health Risk Issues
Data to help benchmark and support Corporate Wellness Programs 

Why Quescreen's staff completion rate is impressively high 

The online checks are offered on a complimentary basis to your staff

Quescreen results are kept strictly confidential and not shared with the employer

Quescreen reports promotes mental health awareness

Quescreen reports help the early identification of potential health issues

The reports help companies provide a healthier and safe workplace

A de-identified, statistical Management Report is provided to the employer providing valuable insights into key health indicators of the workforce  

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Work Health Reports for Management

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