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Technology developed in partnership with the University of Technology
Sydney, with funding support from the Science and Industry Endowment Fund.

This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry,  Science, Energy and Resources through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

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HR managers can assess a job candidate or employee's ability to undertake a job role safely and effectively

HR at all companies

Labour hire & Recruitment companies

Labour Hire Companies wanting a faster way to pre-screen candidates

Rehab and return to work

Giving HR access to crucial data to assist rehab and return to work programs

Volunteer programs

Charities and not for profit organisations that want to ensure volunteers are screened for health risks prior to assigning roles

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Online health checks for work

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How does Quescreen measure the psychological and mental health of your team?

Quescreen includes the Brief Resilience Scale and the Perceived Stress Scale which measure emotions and feelings against unpredictable events.

The results will:

Assist to aide discussions and support from managers

Contribute to your commitment to staff health & wellbeing

Prioritise health awareness

Your team will appreciate:

A secure, fast and voluntary rollout

A highly confidential process - results are only provided to your individual team members

Online access and approximately 20 minutes to complete on any device

Health screening assisting to identify potential health risks and concerns early

An increased awareness of their overall health risk

Quescreen sample report

Reduced absenteeism

What are the benefits of assessing an employee’s mental health?

Reduced workers’ compensation claims

Promotes mental health awareness

Informs the development of health & wellbeing programs

Informs strategies to support the workforce

Online health checks for work

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Delivered in 20mins

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