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Quescreen assesses an individual’s personal health and medical related information against the physical, environmental and psychological health risks of a specific occupation to identify any potential health concerns or risks.

Quescreen relies on honest, self-reported personal health and medical information to provide accurate results. Users of Quescreen must sign a declaration to state the information provided is truthful, accurate and not misleading before completing and submitting their Quescreen.

Quescreen asks a range of health and medical related questions specifically designed to assess risk against a defined job role. Quescreen then generates an immediate, easy to interpret risk profile detailing individual and occupation specific health risks, and an overall recommendation as to an individual’s suitability for the role.

You can use Quescreen to establish suitability for engagement or to determine if an intensive medical assessment is required.

Health Checks
Quescreen enables you to uncover valuable insights into the real health and wellbeing of your workforce to manage risk and improve health. In this instance, results are provided to the employee only, and an overarching report (de-identified to ensure confidentiality) is provided to the business highlighting key findings.

Return to Work / Injury Management
Use Quescreen as a platform for employee focused recovery, encouraging further conversation between the injured worker and company. As a visual tool, Quescreen tracks an injured worker’s journey of recovery as part of their return to work, contributing to a sustainable and timely return to the workplace

Easily sign up for a Business Account online to get started. Once your business account is created, follow the prompts to “Create a Risk Profile”.

A Quescreen Consultant can provide assistance and advice via telephone 1300 552 722 or Contact Us

You can sign up for a Business Account online To register, simply enter the following information:
- Business Name
- Position Title
- First Name
- Surname
- Email Address
- Mobile Phone Number
- Password

Once your business account is created, follow the prompts to “Create a Risk Profile”.

Business users can access a candidate’s results in real time by logging into the Quescreen employer portal.

Health Check results are available to the employee only, and a de-identified, statistical report is provided to the Business User.

Quescreen requires a response to each question so that it can assess and produce an accurate human risk profile and overall recommendation. Quescreen cannot be completed until all questions are answered.

A user can go back and change their answers at any time before completing the final declaration and submitting. Responses cannot be changed once a Quescreen booking has been submitted and the declaration has been completed.

For information on Pricing and options available, please contact a Quescreen Consultant via Contact Us or via telephone 1300 552 722.

Your nominated candidate(s) or employees will receive an SMS and welcome email from Quescreen with instructions on how to access their Quescreen.

The candidate or employee will need approximately 20 minutes to complete their Quescreen.

You will receive a notification email as soon as an individual completes their Quescreen.
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